Our Solution


By understanding the logistical, provider and customer, issues associated with residential snow removal, JustShovelMySnow.com by Kleen Seal® has developed a solution that minimizes the problems that occur in trying to perform snow removal services to the residential market.

Our system consists of 3 easy Customer Steps and 3 Key Parts. The foundation of our company is running our operation within a highly regimented framework of steps and processes. This allows us to reduce the chaos that consumes time, manpower and productivity in the few short hours that everyone wants and needs snow removal services. The best way to explain the chaos of the snow removal business is like when you’re on an airplane that has just pulled into the gate. The door opens and everyone stands up, takes all their luggage out of the overhead bins at the same time, crowding the isles even more. Everyone then proceeds to stand there, all packed together and all wanting to get off the plane at the same time and nobody can move to do so. This usually results in more waiting and frustration. If there was a clear process that everybody followed, it would be much quicker and less frustrating. Looking at it this way, and by understanding and following our processes and steps, both us the provider, and you the consumer, can ensure that the snow removal process is completed for you in the fastest possible time.


Customer Steps is Key Part 1…. Built around a solid, mostly automated web based system for Estimating (CUSTOMER STEP 1), Customer understanding of our steps and processes (CUSTOMER STEP 2), and finally booking and payment of snow removal services (CUSTOMER STEP 3). None of these steps require a phone call or office staff.  When everyone calls at the same time, only so many calls can get through before jamming the lines or overrunning the staff. We then start to resemble the airplane from earlier.  The secret to this is the clearly laid out Customer Progression Steps™

Office Staff is Key Part 2…. Utilizing the information provided through customer steps 1 and 3, the office staffs main job is to manage the match up, coordination, and directing of our snow removal employees who will actually travel to and perform the service at your home.

Manpower and Equipment is Key Part 3…. Being in 50 different places at one time is just not possible. But it is when you have 50 people, then it is possible to be in 50 different places at once…. Having sufficient manpower and equipment is essential to being able to be in many places at once and complete the the request at your home.



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