STEP 2 – How it Works

You have decided you need, or are going to need, snow removal at your home. Great. We can help.

  1. If the location is Residential, move to #2. If the location is Commercial click here…,
  1. Fill out our STEP 1 form completely to request your Estimate or “BASE PRICE”. Your BASE PRICE is jsms-step-1-button (4)formulated from 2 factors.  They are, a snowfall amount up to 4.99 inches and the square footage of your location; Your BASE PRICE most times can be calculated from our computer. Your BASE PRICE will be emailed to you within 24 hours or so of your request. If it is already snowing, about to snow, or just finished snowing, the BASE PRICE will be delivered within an hour or so. NOTE: The Estimator is in a different location than where the phone rings, so calling us will not be able to produce a BASE PRICE. The Best and Fastest method is filling out the form STEP 1.
    1. A few days after the snowfall, the official totals will come out at and using that we will then calculate your FINAL PRICE.
    2. Because snowfall amounts vary from town to town, and nobody knows what the official snowfall totals are until a few days afterwards, your initial service request selection in STEP 3 will be based on an opinion of what you or we (The suggested depth to book for a particular event, may be posted on the STEP 3 Booking Page) think the snowfall will be.
    3. Using the nearest town to your location or the average if your town is not listed and you are between 2 listed towns,  this will be your snowfall amount.
    4. Your FINAL PRICE will be calculated like this. THIS EXAMPLE IS BASED ON A 1500 SF Driveway
      Up to 4.99 inches of snow is………………….. BASE PRICE ……..…… (Example $100)
      From 5  to 8.99 inches of snow is………..… BASE PRICE X 2.. …… (Example $200)
      From 9  to 11.99 inches of snow is………… BASE PRICE X 3……… (Example $300)
      From 12  to 14.99 inches of snow is……….. BASE PRICE X 4……… (Example $400)
      From 15  to 17.99 inches of snow is……….. BASE PRICE X 5……… (Example $500)
      From 18  to 20.99 inches of snow is……….. BASE PRICE X 6……… (Example $600)
    5. If the snowfall amount is 4.99″or less, it is considered even BASE PRICE. Since this is what was paid to book service, no additional amount is due. Done.
    6. If the snowfall amount is 5″ or over, the proper FINAL PRICE will be calculated as shown above and an invoice will be created, if you did not select the proper depth in your initial request.
    7. If you have paid an amount higher than the snowfall we have received, you will be refunded the difference.
    8. The invoice balance from the FINAL PRICE minus what was paid (BASE PRICE) to book service, will be emailed to you with a payment link and due immediately.
    9. No other services can be booked until this balance is paid. Availability of future service to your home will be dependent on your quick payment of any balance due.
    10. It is important to note. ALL PRICES ABOVE ARE PLUS NJ SALES TAX.
  1. Know what your estimate includes. Your BASE PRICE includes clearing of snow up to 4.99 inches of snow on your driveway to the street, sidewalks along the roadway, and the walkway, steps and porch leading to the front door. If you need more than this you will need to upgrade to our Monthly Service.jsms-step-2-button
  1. Fully read and understand this page which is STEP 2 
  1. Know the trigger, how we come to your house. We are an on demand service, which means you have to tell us to come for each snow event. When it’s going to snow, is snowing, or has snowed, you’ll have to go online to STEP 3 and book service for that event.
    1. You will get an email with your information, instructions, and a booking link when snow is predicted in the weather forecast.
  1. IMPORTANT – WE BOOK UP FAST AND SERVICE IS PROVIDED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. If you need service you will need to book it quickly. If you would like to pre-book an event to guarantee a spot on our list, you can do it one of 2 ways.jsms-step-3-button (3)
    1. You can purchase your next service in advance using the STEP 3 system anytime before it snows, and the very next time it snows, you will be on our list. However if it does not snow again in that winter season the fee can NOT be refunded, as it was used to buy a time slot at the front of the line.
    2. You can upgrade to our monthly service which is automatic every time it snows.
  1. It’s going to snow, it’s snowing, or it’s stopped snowing and I want you to come to my house. Fill out and complete STEP 3. This automatically puts you into our system’s waiting client list. We begin residential snow clearing operations once the snowfall has stopped. This service cannot be ordered or booked over the phone.
  1. Prepare for our arrival immediately after booking service.
    1. Clear off your cars if you want the snow that comes off of them to be cleared.
    2. Move cars from areas to be cleared if you want the best job.
    3. If cars are present we will go around them.
    4. We cannot wait for you to clear off or move cars once we arrive.
  1. Completion time from booking varies – For most snow events your house will be completed within 6 hours of the snow fall stopping. It could be within an hour, or in extreme circumstances (blizzards over 12 inches, such as the 28″ storm of 2016) could be as long as 12-48 hours. Time mainly varies based on the amount of snow, but also by the amount of clients requesting service ahead of you, number of employees that have come in to work, and road pass-ability (Most of our shovelers travel to your house in their own car). Calling the office will only slow our operation down.
  1. Waiting for us to arrive
    1. We don’t have the ability to notify you when we are on our way to your home.
    2. When we arrive we will NOT knock on the door. We will just start clearing your driveway.
    3. Nobody needs to be home. Service is paid for and we know what to do.
  1. During our visit
    1. Please don’t delay us. We are in a hurry and have many stops and people waiting for us.
    2. Please don’t ask us to do more than what our service offers:
    3. Clearing your driveway to the street
    4. Clearing any Sidewalks along the roadways
    5. Clearing the walkway, steps and porch leading to the front door
  1. We can’t offer more areas due to confusion of employees / contractors and payments. Our estimating and payment system, in order to remain automated, needs to have the same service for all clients. To offer different things to different customers would also cause services to be performed or not performed at houses that ordered certain services or did not. As well as, we would then need to be shown what needs to be done.
  1. If you need other services, you will need to upgrade to our Monthly Service Plan, where we use the different employees and work is pre-planned and scheduled in advance.
  1. If you need us for any reason before, during, or after the service – Please use the “Contact Us” Form
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